25 lutego 2010
Lech Kaczyński met with the new Ukrainian president

This morning, in the building of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, Lech Kaczyński attended the swearing-in ceremony of Victor Yanukovych, the President of Ukraine. During his stay in Kiev, the Polish president met with Yanukovych and other politicians.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Lech Kaczyński met with the new Ukrainian president. He invited him to pay a visit to Poland and the invitation was accepted – the date of the visit is to be agreed upon soon.

According to the undersecretary of state, Mariusz Handzlik, Yanukovych asked the Polish president that Poland remain the advocate of Ukraine in Europe.

The two presidents also discussed domestic issues of Ukraine, such as the necessity to reform its economy and public finances, the modernisation of administration, and combating corruption more effectively.

After meeting with Yanukovych, the president attended an official reception for the inauguration. During the event, he talked with the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė. As the last stop on his visit to Kiev, Lech Kaczyński met with Yulia Tymoshenko, the Ukraine prime minister.

On his visit to Kiev, Lech Kaczyński also met with the President of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov. During their talks, Lech Kaczyński said that Macedonia should join NATO and the EU as soon as possible, reported Mariusz Handzlik to journalists. Lech Kaczyński also emphasized the crucial importance of European and Euro-Atlantic consolidation for the security, well-being and stability of the Balkans. He also invited Ivanov to a summit of states of Central and Southern Europe on 20th-21st May in Warsaw.

(PAP/ own information)