09 kwietnia 2022

Madam President von der Leyen, Prime Minister Trudeau, dear Justin, dear friends from Global Citizen, distinguished artists, dear friends from around the world, Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for organizing this meaningful event and thank you very much, Madam President, for your presence in Kyiv yesterday. It was a really important visit and a visible symbol of European Union’s presence at our neighborhood. It was especially important for us – the Polish people – and I hope that it was also very important not only for the entire European Union, but for all democratic and just countries around the world.

May be of interest to you Stand Up For Ukraine: global pledging event for refugees and internally displaced people taking place in Warsaw on 9 April 2022

It is symbolic that we are meeting here in Warsaw. Poland has been a front line country in the face of the Russian war against Ukraine. In so many respects my compatriots have been the FIRST to HELP. Thanks to them Poland is a country where the largest number of Ukrainians have found home.

I am glad that my dear friend Volodymyr is joining us today. He is an example of a true leader and the hero of our time.

This event is another sign of international unity. We all support the same values – peace, freedom, democracy and a right to self–determination. Today we stand up for Ukraine but at the same time Ukraine has been standing up for us. Ukrainians are fighting not only for their freedom but also for ours.

Today we are supporting millions of Ukrainian refugees and people in need. Above all, we are sending a message to every single Ukrainian in the cities and villages under siege. A message of hope to the brave Ukrainian soldiers, heroes defending their country from the aggressor. Dear Brothers and Sisters, you are not alone!

Much has been done. However, in near future Ukraine will require huge economic boost, similar to the one offered to Western Europe after World War Two – a new Marshall Plan for Ukraine. This is why today’s initiative is very much appreciated. I am glad that the Polish government with its partners is planning to follow up and organize an International Donors Conference for Ukraine.

A Polish music icon – Czesław Niemen – sang, and I quote: “Lecz ludzi dobrej woli jest więcej / i mocno wierzę w to / że ten świat / nigdy nie zginie dzięki nim. “But there are more people of good will / and I do strongly believe /that this world/ will never die thanks to them.” End of quote. 

And so it is. So many “people of good will” have been standing up with Ukraine. Today’s spectacular event has sent a powerful message in this regard.

Once again, many thanks to the organizers.

Long live free Ukraine!