25 września 2019

Social policy, especially family policy, is a priority in Poland, President Andrzej Duda said on Wednesday at the UN seat in New York. Duda stressed that broadscale family aid programmes in Poland have "restored dignity" to many families.

Duda told a meeting devoted to the UN's Agenda2030 that Poland's social priorities were reducing poverty, raising living standards and ensuring sustained growth both to urban and rural communities. He also stressed the importance of upgrading education, ensuring gender equality and the construction of an inclusive society. In this context he pointed out that Poland's Responsible Development Strategy answered Agenda2030 goals.

May be of interest to you Joint Declaration on Advancing Defense Cooperation Citing Eurostat, Duda also remarked that Poland's's child poverty figures have been at their historical lowest over the past two years Duda mentioned climate policy as an important concern for Poland, and in this context named the Polish government's undertakings to improve water supply and energy efficiency, reduce smog, build a closed-circuit economy and rationalise the exploitation of natural resources. Duda also reminded that Poland's climate undertakings included broadscale afforestation as a means to build emission-absorbing eco-systems.

The Polish president also underscored Poland's investments in technology and research, and efforts to create a good environment for enterprise.

The Agenda2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals was adopted by the UN general Assembly in September 2015.

The chief aim of Duda's 4-day US visit is his attendance at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly. Duda addressed the assembly on Tuesday night. (PAP)