08 lipca 2021

Presidential panel within the Business Forum

“Three Seas Initiative: a path to smart development and comprehensive economic growth”

Dear Friends,

Distinguished Guests,

First I would like to say thank you so much, to our Distinguished Host, Mr President Radev, for organizing this meeting and inviting us here, because it is really important to see each other face to face, without any screens and other electronic devices. Of course, I am very happy when I can see my friends on the Internet, because this is one of the evidences of the development of our part of Europe, but I really prefer to come here and see you and talk to you personally, face to face, so thank you very much, Dear Rumen, for this excellent event here, in beautiful Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria where the true European spirit mixes with the Balkan soul!

Dear Fellow Presidents, Honourable Colleagues,

Heads of Member States’ Governments, Heads of Delegations,

Representatives of the Business Community, especially Madam Managing Director of the IMF,

Friends of the Three Seas Initiative,

Esteemed Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am happy to share with you my observation that the Three Seas Initiative is still alive. It is a vivid project that grows year by year.

More instruments are being developed in order to enhance our integration:

  • “Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund” invests in commercial entities across the region.
  • “CEEplus index” builds on integrating our stock markets.
  • “Business Forum” creates opportunities to bring our companies together.
  • “Three Seas Forum of Regions” allows for inclusion of local businesses and authorities into the 3SI.
  • Atop of that we continue to update the “List of Priority Projects”.    

I praise new initiatives that have emerged recently such as “Economic Network of the Three Seas Regions” signed in Lublin on June 29, “Three Seas Parliamentary Forum” on June 3 or “Invest in Three Seas” event organized in April by our Estonian colleagues.

I have no doubt Three Seas Initiative is the strategic response of our region to current challenges after the pandemic. At the same time it strengthens the EU's cohesion and enriches the transatlantic ties. The macroeconomic fundamentals of our economies are solid and the prospects for fast recovery are optimistic.

The predicted GDP growth in Central Europe in 2022 will be between  4.1 and 4.8% according to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. For Poland, for my country, the European Commission predicts 5.4% GDP growth in 2022.

In the years to come we may expect a number of ambitious projects in energy, transportation and digital infrastructure across the region.

Sustainable reconstruction will certainly be supported by effective use of EU Funds, including the “Reconstruction and Resilience Instrument”. The implementation of investments and reforms will ensure sustainable development in the long term.

I have no doubt that the Three Seas Initiative already plays a key role in building the Europe of tomorrow.

There is a growing interest in the Three Seas Initiative among international actors. In this regard, we welcome the presence and attendance of honourable representatives of Greece, Japan, France and Great Britain. We have become a much appreciated work model of collaboration for other regions which seek their own paths to integration. Today the Three Seas Initiative is an example to follow.

We, the Presidents and Heads of Governments of the countries of the Three Seas Initiative, have all good reasons to be proud of the success of 3SI.

Dear Friends of the business community! The Three Seas Initiative has been booming over the last years. We are open for business and for cooperating with you, so you are always welcome.

Thank you for your kind attention.

President Andrzej Duda