09 czerwca 2020
President Andrzej Duda

President Andrzej Duda said on Tuesday that "it is possible that there will be more US soldiers in Poland" and stated that he had good relations with his US counterpart Donald Trump.

Andrzej Duda was asked by a local radio broadcaster in Gdansk (northern Poland) to comment on information about the possible withdrawal of around 9,500 US soldiers from Germany and reports that some of these American troops may be transferred to Poland.

The President stated that, apart from the fact that we invite them, it was obviously the decision for the American authorities to make. "The US Army is welcome in Poland. This is the largest and strongest army in the world," he added.

According to President Duda, the US Army is a guarantee of security. "Especially in this difficult time, when we have the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine, when Russia has invaded Ukraine, when Russia has been occupying Crimea, and when Russia, in fact, has also been occupying the region of Lugansk and Donetsk."

"This is a visible sign of Russian imperialism. In 2014, there were fears that this could have gone further, that the Baltic States could have also been attacked, and that one's hand there could have been raised against Poland. This was when it was decided to form NATO's enhanced presence on its eastern flank," he said.

Andrzej Duda added that during the first year of his presidency, he had visited all the NATO countries in order to convince their leaders to this idea.

"Today, we have NATO troops stationed in Poland, including those from the United States. There are several thousand US soldiers here. It is possible that there will be more. As everyone knows, I have a good relationship with President Trump. He understands our part of Europe, and he has repeatedly proved this during our conversations. (...) I have no doubts that we can count on US support in building a security zone in our part of Europe, also through the presence of US troops," he stated.

President Duda also expressed his conviction that the presence of US soldiers in Poland "increases the chances of US investments in this country," since American business was willing to make investments where the US Army was stationed, because it meant a guarantee of security.

The president declared that, if re-elected, he would be a safeguard for agreement and good cooperation in the coming years. He also promised to take care of the most urgent matters. (PAP)