23 czerwca 2020

President Andrzej Duda said upon departure to the United States on Tuesday that during his White House talks with US President Donald Trump on Wednesday he will discuss military security, energy independence and investments in new technology.

Speaking at Krakow Airport on Tuesday, Andrzej Duda said that it would be his fifth meeting with President Donald Trump and announced that their talks would focus on military and energy security, economic cooperation, the Three Seas initiative of regional infrastructure cooperation as well as telecommunication security and cybersecurity.

He stated that the Wednesday visit was a confirmation of very good relations and strong allied ties between Poland and the US.

The Polish president said that strategic relations with the US "have always been an element of an absolute all-political compromise," and appealed to politicians for a "compromise" attitude towards bilateral relations and his meeting with President Trump.

"I am calling on the entire Polish political scene: strategic relations with the US have always been an element of an absolute all-political compromise. It is necessary to strengthen these relations. It is important for these relations to be the best possible. I am asking for such a compromise attitude in order to make it possible for us to achieve as much as possible for Poland's security, for the strengthening of Poland's economy, for creating new jobs in Poland, but, above all, for our security and our international position," Andrzej Duda said, adding that all these matters were of fundamental importance.

Andrzej Duda said he was pleased with Trump's invitation, stressing he had received it "as the first among presidents from around the world, to visit the United States after a long break in international relations caused by the coronavirus."

"I have no doubts that given the coronavirus pandemic and all that we can see today in the world, strong alliances and the value of international cooperation are all but invaluable. That's why it is important that we strengthen our transatlantic relations, that we strengthen our relations with the United States," the president said.

Andrzej Duda added that Poland's alliance with the United States has not only been important, "but first of all has brought good results for us."

"It is also due to good relations with the United States that we are a NATO member today, and our current relations are certainly the best in the long period of past years," Duda said.

While in Washington, Andrzej Duda is expected to discuss a potential increase in US troops stationing in Poland.

In September last year, Duda and Trump signed a declaration on military cooperation which involved the deployment of 1,000 US troops in Poland, on top of the 4,500 already stationed in the country. (PAP)