22 stycznia 2019
President Andrzej Duda at at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Poland can be perceived as a very well-developing country, President Andrzej Duda said on Tuesday in Davos, Switzerland, opening the 'Polish House' at the ongoing World Economic Forum.

Opened for the first time during the Davos forum, the Polish House will be a promotion centre for politicians and enterprisers seeking ties with the Polish economy.

May be of interest to you "Innovation level shows how effective politicians are" NATO in better shape - President at Davos In his address at the opening, Andrzej Duda stressed that the object was necessary in view of Poland's rapidly expanding economic and investment ties, and said that the Polish House concept arose at last year's Davos forum.

"We can stand here with our heads raised high and speak about a splendidly growing country. We are in the Polish House, erected for the first time here in Davos during the World Economic Forum, a place which represents Poland. If we are to be present in Davos, if we are to show that we are a country with ambitions, that we are growing and opening ourselves to investment and economic cooperation, then it is also necessary for Poland to be present in this institutionalised form, through a Polish space where you can meet, invite politicians or foreign investors, hold business talks. Such a place is crucial," Andrzej  Duda said in Davos.

The Polish House in Davos is sponsored by Poland's Bank Pekao and PZU insurer. (PAP)