24 lipca 2017
President Andrzej Duda (1)
President Andrzej Duda (2)

Dear Compatriots, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Back in my presidential campaign on many occasions did I reiterate that President of the Republic of Poland should serve two grand causes: should serve the Polish nation, and should serve the Polish state. It is incumbent on the President to seek the nation’s prosperity and to spare no effort to contribute to its well-being, and also security. Likewise, it is incumbent on the President to take care of the quality of the state and of its institutions in their functioning.

The administration of justice is one of such institutions who feature especially importantly in the social and political system. The quality of the functioning of the former  determines the level of trust placed by the society in the state and its institutions. In recent years, the demand for the reform of administration of justice has been repeatedly heard. Unfortunately, there are many people who have been wronged by the administration of justice, and harbour a deep sense of injustice. The society expects form judges that they will be professional, will be ethical and perfectly honest, that they will deliver judgments in line with their oath of office: impartially and in line with their conscience. But it is also expected that they will always be mindful of the fact that they administer justice to people, that a judge will be able to see a human person who stands before him in a sheer expectation of justice beyond the pile of files on his desk.

Without reform of the administration of justice there is no way to build a just state, i.e. the one which affords equal treatment to all citizens, the one which commands confidence of the Polish people. Changes are absolutely essential: on the procedural and formal platform, but also the ethical one.

The package of bills to reform the system of justice, as it was prepared by the Parliament, has been largely responsive to social expectations. Nevertheless, as President, I could not approve them, and I have made use of my right of veto since their require to be fine-tuned with the Constitution in order to preserve the independence of the judiciary; that however without the sense of absolute supremacy and impunity; so that they lay down conditions for the judges to feel free from various types of pressures.


Bearing this in mind in the nearest future I will submit new versions of bills to reform the judiciary. I believe that these amended bills will be adopted by the Polish Parliament in a possibly nearest future and that a wise pro-state and, foremostly, pro-social reform of the administration of justice will become an accomplished fact. This is what the people are expecting.

For almost two years, the camp of the good change has been reforming the country in such a way so as to make Poland more citizens-friendly. I am deeply convinced that a reform of the judiciary, one which is thoroughly and wisely prepared, will further contribute to our pursuits of the Home Country’s welfare: as a state that is strong and just, the state which respects and protects an ordinary citizen.

After all, its is our shared dream to live in a free, democratic, secure and prosperous country.

Thank you very much.