21 stycznia 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, Distinguished Guests, Dear Friends,

I am glad to be here with you at the Polish House this evening. Let me thank Mr Paweł Surówka, CEO of PZU, and MR Marek Lusztyn, CEO of Pekao S.A., for inviting me to participate and for organizing this event.

I am proud that the Polish Pavilion is already a permanent element of World Economic Forum. It is an obvious sign of growing economic significance of Poland. Polish House in Davos is the place where we meet and do business, where we can discuss, meet new friends and spend nice evening.

May be of interest to you President: Poland is a leader of growth in Central and Eastern Europe

Dear Friends,

I’m sure that many of you are already doing business in Poland. In that case the Polish economic boom, we observe, is also your success. Indeed, last years are special for the Polish economy. Here is why:

  1. Poland is among the fastest growing markets in the European Union and the world.
  2. Poland's economic growth over the last 5 years went beyond 20% in GDP.
  3. We joined the group of the most developed markets in the world two years ago.
  4. The trade exchange is growing. I’m talking about almost 500 billion euros of trade exchange each year.
  5. Also, as you probably know the economic slowdown in the world countries did not have a negative impact on Polish economy.

As Poland’s President I can assure you that Polish authorities and Polish companies have great ambitions. With every year we are more open to do business with international partners. Today the Foreign Offices of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency already operate in more than 60 countries on all continents. Their aim is to facilitate and strengthen the business cooperation.

Dear Friends,

I encourage you to look at Poland as a window of opportunity. We are active and participate in the global exchange of services and goods. Poland has been for many years a place for successful foreign investments. But today we are much more. Our businesses are present all over the world. We are starting to be a power house in new technologies. Polish start-ups are leading the way. To name a few: CD-Projekt – a company that is an international leader in gaming or Livechat, whose tools are used by over 27,000 paid customers from over 150 countries.

There are many more similar success story in Poland. We have many talented young people. I encourage you to pay close attention to them.

As the last point in my brief remarks I encourage you to keep a close eye on the Three Seas Initiative. It covers 12 Member States of the European Union located between the Baltic, the Black and the Adriatic Seas. This is a business initiative established by presidents of the region. It will help to boost our economies by means of infrastructure investments worth 100 billion euros.

Dear Friends,

many of you know that investing in Poland is a great idea. Those companies that visit, stay. Those that stay, extend their presence. This is all for mutual benefit.

See you in Poland! But this evening Polish House I call as open.