23 września 2021

Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to congratulate you on this timely event concerning a topic important for Poland – a major producer and exporter of high quality food and agricultural products. We support the efforts to transform food systems and make them responsive to the needs of sustainable development. For a number of years now we have been taking action in this area at the national level. This is reflected in the national documents which have been adopted in recent years. These are: the Strategy for Responsible Development, and the Strategy for Sustainable Development of Rural Areas, Agriculture and Fisheries 2030.

Both documents identify high quality food sector as strategic for the Polish economy. They also present actions to be taken to advance the economic development of rural areas. Some of those actions are already being implemented. They allow for a sustainable increase in the income of  the local residents; help reduce economic and social differences; and  improve the condition of the natural environment.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Poland is dedicated to building a food identification system providing middlemen, retail sellers and customers with transparent information on how and where food is produced. It is important for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition habits as well as ensuring food safety, its good quality and preventing food waste. In this regard we encourage sustainable, natural food production and reduction of its carbon footprint. We also invest in education about healthy lifestyle and diet, especially of children and youth, develop communication with consumers and improve food labeling.

These are, of course, just  a few of many actions Poland will carry out within the coming years to advance the transformation of the food systems. We will continue implementing a model of a multifunctional and sustainable agriculture. A model that guarantees food security. One that promotes the development of the agri-food sector and stimulates social development, including cultural functions of rural areas.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been my priority as President to encourage sustainable development of the entire country. For that reason I have established the Agriculture and Rural Council, an advisory body tasked with working out solutions for rural areas. Moreover, I am committed to contributing to the preservation and promotion of their unique cultural heritage. This is why I am hosting each year the Presidential Harvest Festival, last edition of which took place last weekend. The high quality of Polish food is determined among others by the rich tradition of production of regional or traditional, organic foods by often family-run businesses.

I have also repeatedly stressed the need to build sustainable food systems and food security worldwide, including during my last year’s visit to the Headquarters of the International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome. Let me reiterate that Poland recognizes the importance of international cooperation and assistance in this regard. We look forward to its development.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today’s Summit should help generate ideas and energy that will drive the positive transformation of the food systems in the years to come and deliver progress across the Sustainable Development Goals. Let us make use of the tried solutions, of what has been achieved so far. Let us learn and draw inspiration from one another. And benefit from the initiatives emerging from the Summit process. Poland is ready to engage in the discussion, share experiences and best practices. And cooperate with partners to develop innovative solutions in support of the 2030 Agenda.

Thank you for your attention.