Manor House of the President of the Republic of Poland in Ciechocinek

Utility function:

The information and educational center, a place of exhibitions of memorabilia of President Ignacy Mościcki and numerous temporary exhibitions.


The history of the presidential manor house dates back to June 1932, when the then President Igancy Mościcki came to Ciechocinek for the opening of a newly built swimming pool and stayed to rest for a month at the "Spa". The head of state liked the health resort, which he often mentioned to the town authorities and its management.

The idea to build a manor house that would be the President's residence was born then. A plot on the border of a pine park was selected for the construction site; the place was far from the noise of the spa and ensured the head of state some peace. Although the manor house was ready at the half of the 1930s President Mościcki did not have the opportunity to have some rest at this spot.

Between 1933 and 1939 high ranking state officials were received there and after the beginning of the war it became the seat of gestapo.

In 1952 it was handed over to the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, and between 1952 and 1956 belonged to the Chancellery of the Council of State. In 1956 it was handed over to the spa, which committed it to serve as the seat of a Research-Scientific Center of the Laryngology Clinic of the Medical Academy in Warsaw.

In 1967 the manor house was taken over by the Voivodship National Council in Bydgoszcz and in 1975, after the new administrative division of the country was introduced, it was transferred to the Voivodship National Council in Włocławek.

At the beginning of the 1980s it was handed over to the authorities of Ciechocinek and was turned into a kindergarten.

In 2001 the kindergarten moved to a new building. In the same year the Council of the city of Ciechocinek offered the President of the Republic of Poland to return the manor house its historical role. Owing to the efforts of the Chancellery of the President thorough renovation works were commenced in 2002.

The renovated President's manor house was opened on 2nd May 2003. It functions as an information and educational center and is open for sightseeing. In the manor house there is an exhibition concerning the historic host of the building - President Ignacy Mościcki and the history of the manor house.

Also the Office for Promotion of the Town of Ciechocinek with its registered office at Zdrojowa street no. 2B participated in the organization of sightseeing.

Apart from excursions, the President's manor house organizes meetings with guests invited by the Chancellery of the President.

Terms and scope of sightseeing of the residence:

Telephone contact: phone no. (0-54) 283-31-30, fax no. (0-54) 283-37-70.