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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Greetings from the Presidential Couple

Easter Greetings from the Presidential Couple

On the occasion of Easter, we wish you, Ladies and Gentlemen, a lot of joy and many happy moments to be enjoyed in the family circle.


May kindness and sympathy reign at the Easter table. May these days spent with your nearest and dearest, serve building the sense of community building in families.  


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is probably the wish that we all share that the Easter Holiday should silence disputes and conflicts all across Poland, the country which is our great family.


Let us, in particular, direct our thoughts to the ones who are lonely and in need. Let us remember about them, let us lend them a helping hand, let us show them our affection and good feelings.


May benevolence and optimism accompany us throughout the Easter time but also long after this beautiful holiday.  


May the mood of the springtime cheerfulness reign.


Happy Easter: Wesołego Alleluja!


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