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First Lady Anna Komorowska

Anna Komorowska, née Dembowska, was born in Warsaw.

She is a Classics graduate from the University of Warsaw. After finishing her studies, she worked as a Latin teacher at a high school.

In her youth, she was involved in the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association and as a result of this involvement she met Bronisław Komorowski in 1970. They married in 1977. After their first daughter was born, she gave up work to bring up the children and manage the household.

During the period of the People's Republic of Poland, she actively supported the oppositionist activity of her husband. On 31st December 1981, she was one of the first to reach the internment camp in Jaworze to support Bronisław Komorowski during his captivity during martial law.

From 1995, she worked for an insurance company for five years.


She is mother to five children - Zofia, Tadeusz, Marysia, Piotr, and Elżbieta - and grandmother to Staś, Hania, Kubuś and Ola.

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