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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Declaration on Strengthening the Lithuanian – Polish Security Partnership

Commemorating the centennial of restoration of independence of Lithuania and Poland;

Stressing the need to preserve the Euro-Atlantic security architecture based on compliance with  international law enshrined in the UN and OSCE rules and commitments;


Underlining the need to engage in efforts aimed to build a stable, secure and democratic neighbourhood;


Underscoring the importance of NATO’s ironclad commitment to Article 3 and Article 5 of the Washington Treaty and close transatlantic cooperation  for the security of Europe;


Emphasizing the need to maintain robust Allied deterrence and defence posture in response to  changes and threats in the security environment;

Acknowledging the success of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence and NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission in the region;


Welcoming further adaptation of the Alliance to the new security environment and acknowledging the need to strengthen European security and defence policy, believing in the long-term character of this trend;


Stressing the importance of a continuous US military presence in Europe, including  on the Eastern flank of the Alliance;

Sharing fundamental security interests based on common perception of threats and challenges posed by Russia, including in the military domain;


Desiring to expand and strengthen the longstanding bilateral and regional security cooperation between Lithuania and Poland and to continue a dialogue on the key issues for the Euro-Atlantic and regional security;


Aware of the necessity for close co-operation in the context of challenges in  hybrid and cybersecurity domains;

Expressing willingness to further develop the bilateral defence industry cooperation;


Hereby agree to work on the following objectives of the Lithuanian – Polish security cooperation:

  • Coordinate their positions on the security and defence policy issues within NATO, the EU and regional cooperation formats;
  • Ensure further strategic adaptation of NATO deterrence and defence posture on the Eastern flank of the Alliance and an effective development of European Defence initiatives that will complement Allied capabilities;
  • Promote within the NATO framework and be ready to contribute to the solutions that strengthen the credibility and effectiveness of the NATO Command and Control architecture and operational planning for the deterrence and defence of our region, with particular focus on the development of the Multinational Corps Northeast HQ and the Multinational Division North East HQ;
  • Enhance cooperation between the Lithuanian and the Polish Armed Forces, in particular by formalization of ties between forces along the Suwałki Corridor in terms of adequate planning and training;
  • Ensure connectivity of Lithuanian and Polish national air space surveillance and air defense systems as part of NATO‘s Air Defense;
  • Facilitate military mobility of Allied forces by simplifying procedures and expanding and adapting the cross-border infrastructure for military use;
  • Work together to ensure a continuous US military presence in Europe, including a robust long-term commitment of US force presence in the region;
  • Intensify cooperation in the area of building defence capabilities, including defence industry cooperation, in the context of the technical modernization of the Armed Forces of both our countries and the European and transatlantic defence initiatives;
  • Enhance early warning capabilities in the region and maritime situational awareness in the Baltic Sea while constantly improving intelligence exchange between respective national institutions and Armed Forces;
  • Strengthen cooperation in cyber security and in countering disinformation and wide array of hybrid threats present on the Eastern flank of NATO;
  • Intensify mutual efforts ensuring energy security in the Baltic region, including uninterrupted gas deliveries and sustainable operation of the Baltic States’ power systems;
  • Continue political support and military assistance to Ukraine through bilateral  cooperation and regional projects like The Grand Hetman Kostiantyn Ostrogski Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade (LITPOLUKRBRIG);
  • Establish Lithuanian – Polish Defence Ministers’ Council which would meet at least once a year to pursue the objectives stated in this Declaration.


Dalia Grybauskaitė

President of the Republic of Lithuania

Andrzej Duda

President of the Republic of Poland



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