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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Press Statement by the President following the meeting with the Vice President of the USA

Press conference of the President of Poland and the US Vice President

Excellency, Highly Esteemed Mr. Vice President,

Honourable Minister of National Defence,

Esteemed Madam Second Lady,

All Distinguished Guests, headed by Madam Ambassador of the United States,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!                                


We are delighted to welcome Mr. Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States, together with Mrs. Pence, to Warsaw. We are pleased that the visit of the Vice President - connected, of course, with the Middle East conference, which will very soon begin here - features first and foremost a political component and that of bilateral relations between our countries, between Poland and the United States.

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Today, for a few hours we were able to visit important topics of interest to us, which are currently the most relevant in the field of Polish-US relations, and pertain to our allied and economic cooperation.


However, our meeting today began with a very symbolic moment, when Minister Mariusz Błaszczak signed an agreement on the future supply of HIMARS artillery rocket system to Poland. As I hope, they are to be one of the most important elements of this revolution in the Polish defence and military infrastructure, which we have been conducting for several years now under the motto of modernization of the Polish army. This is state-of-the-art equipment from the United States, which I believe will serve to strengthen our security.


I am delighted that together with the Vice President and our Spouses we were able to meet with our servicemen and women who were present today, serving in the Polish Armed Forces and the United States Army. A very pleasant meeting, but also a very symbolic element, showing the American military presence in Poland under the auspices of the North Atlantic Alliance and the alliance between our countries.


We also talked to the Vice President about the American military presence. I am very pleased, because Mr Vice President said that American soldiers and officers in Poland and those who have already been to Poland have a very high opinion of the conditions offered to them here. That they are - in short - satisfied with their stay and service in Poland; that these are conditions that they consider absolutely appropriate.


I am glad that they are satisfied with the cooperation with the Polish military and civil authorities. I am pleased that this cooperation is working very well. I hope that our joint efforts to increase the presence of the United States Army in Poland will soon bring results. The first binding decisions will soon be taken on these matters - this is to be expected.


We also talked about other issues that are clearly indicated in the declaration on enhanced strategic cooperation that we signed with President Donald Trump in Washington. To be more specific: we were talking about cooperation in the field of energy, including economic cooperation.


Energy cooperation is a very important topic in our mutual relations. Today we have already signed a number of contracts for the imports of liquefied natural gas, i.e. LNG, to our terminal in Świnoujście. Work is currently underway to increase storage capacity of this terminal. We hope that the works will be completed and will bring the expected and planned effect of increasing its capacity to over 7 billion cubic meters of gas annually. And that a large part of the gas supplied to Poland will come from the United States. We are also planning further investments in this area, the intention that I signalled to the Vice President.


We have also talked about the development of gas interconnectors in our part of Europe, i.e. security of gas supplies. Moreover, we have also spoken about energy security with regard to other energy sources - such as electricity. I have signalled that Minister Piotr Naimski will be discussing this subject in the United States with the US Secretary of Energy Mr. Rick Perry, soon, on 11 March.


These discussions will include the topics of cybersecurity, of cooperation in the field of gas energy, but also on cooperation in the field of electricity. So, these are the important topics, the areas where we will be implementing enhanced partnership in the near future. We have also covered the subject today in our talks with Mr. Vice-President.


Obviously, we also spoke about general business cooperation. Poland is currently developing at a very good pace. The results are even better than expected and better than predicted by analysts from various global agencies. So the situation is very good, and I believe that further American investments and our Polish business investments in the United States will also help to promote this positive situation.


We have, of course, also talked about issues relating to cybersecurity, which are now in the focus world-wide


I would like to emphasise once again that I am very pleased with the important visit of the Vice President to Poland, with the occasion to meet the highest representatives of the American administration, following my own visit to Washington last year, and the earlier visit of President Donald Trump to Warsaw, which we all remember very well.


I hope that our contacts this year will be very intense, Mr Vice President, because this is a special year: a century of diplomatic relations between Poland and the United States - between Poland, which was reborn in 1918, and the first world power which at that time recognised Poland as a reborn state, namely the United States of America, in 1919. Following President Wilson's declaration, this was yet another beautiful gesture of the United States towards the Polish state, something that we all remember to this day. I hope that this year in our relations will also be a special one.


Once again, I would like to thank the Vice President and the Second Lady of the United States for their presence in Poland. I hope that it will be a fruitful visit for the Vice President, and for both of you also a successful and good visit to our country.


Thank you very much.

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