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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

President's speech about EU was correct and strong - top aide

Krzysztof Szczerski, Chief of the Cabinet of the President

President Andrzej Duda's Tuesday speech on the European Union was correct and strong, top presidential aide Krzysztof Szczerski said on Wednesday.


Speaking on Tuesday in Leżajsk (southeastern Poland), the President said he wants the citizens to be certain that somebody is thinking about them and "not about some imaginary community which has little bearing on us."


He added that "our affairs are most important to us and when they are settled, we will deal with European affairs."


Krzysztof Szczerski told reporters that the President's words were relevant for the annual speech on the state of the EU, presented earlier in the day by the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.


According to the aide, Andrzej Duda's speech "should be interpreted as a strong voice in the discussion about the condition, state and future of the EU."


"I am very surprised that this voice is being regarded by some media and opposition politicians in Poland as controversial," the official added, "because first and foremost, it is a correct voice."

"Secondly, it is a strong voice," Krzysztof Szczerski said, "and thirdly, it is difficult to regard as controversial a voice which says the EU should be built from the foundations, from what national communities are." (PAP)

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