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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

President sends condolences after tragic plane crash in Algeria

President Andrzej Duda addressed a message of condolences to the President of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria Abd al-Aziza Buteflika in connection with the April 11 plane crash.


"I received with the deepest sadness news of the crash of an Algerian military aircraft in which so many people were killed, including soldiers and officers. Poland unites with all of Algeria in mourning and sends most sincere condolences and words of compassion to the families of the victims", President Andrzej Duda wrote in the message.


President Duda assured President Abd al-Aziza Buteflika of Poland's solidarity in this difficult moment for the authorities and all citizens of Algeria.


As many as 257 people were killed when a military plane crashed near Algeria's capital on Wednesday. (PAP)

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