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Thursday, 8 March 2018

President visits Polish Army General Staff

Polish President Andrzej Duda paid a working visit of several hours to the General Staff of the Polish Army on Thursday, in the company of Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, head of the National Security Office (BBN), Pawel Soloch said.


Among the subjects discussed were changes to the armed forces' command and control structures.


"As is already known, we want to bring back the commanding role of the head of the General Staff. In this context, the president acquainted himself with the work done by the general Staff," Minister Soloch explained. He pointed out that joint teams made up of representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the BBN are working on concrete propositions. "If the pace of work is maintained, we will shortly present the first concrete solutions," he said.


"We want to break the whole process into stages to avoid the risk of disrupting the functioning of the armed forces," Pawel Soloch continued. "Revolutionary reforms do not serve the army."


He underscored that "very good co-operation between the president and the defence minister as well as between the Ministry of Defence and the BBN, are conducive to introducing changes." (PAP)

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