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Friday, 9 February 2018

President's message to the participants of the Polish-American Leadership Summit

President Andrzej Duda sent a video message to the participants of the Polish-American Leadership

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Friends,


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the first ever Polish-American Leadership

Summit – Poland Investment Zone, which I have granted my honorary patronage.

This is a very important initiative which complements the calendar of Polish-

American political contacts by adding to them an equally important dimension: the

economic one.


The fact that the Summit takes place in 2018, on the Centenary of Regaining

Independence by Poland, is of symbolic value. 2018 is also a very special year in

our relations with the United States: on January 8, 1918 President Woodrow

Wilson announced his Plan for Peace: “The Fourteen Points”. For Poland, point

13 was the most significant one, providing for the creation of an independent Polish

state. The Declaration has been seen - back then and now - as a landmark event on

Poland’s way towards regaining independence after 123 years of partitions.



Ladies and Gentlemen,


Political relations between Warsaw and Washington are nowadays particularly

intense, especially in the area of security. In effect, from 2017 on, US troops

have been stationing on the Polish territory. Their presence is the most telling

manifestation of an authentic allied solidarity and partnership. Our security

cooperation also covers the modernization of the Polish army.


Economic contacts are beginning to feature importantly as another pillar of

our cooperation. The United States are a key business partner for us, this due

to the immense scale of business done here and due to its innovative spirit.


The previous year may be a good prognostic here: in terms of bilateral trade,

it was record breaking year, the volume growing by more than 20 percent year-

on-year, exceeding 10 billion USD.


For Poland, of key importance is also transfer of innovative technologies and

solutions, the factors stimulating modernization of the country’s economy.


Innovation as a way to help us escape the so called ‘middle income trap’ has great

prospects for development in Poland. Conducive environment for innovation has

been created in the Strategy for Responsible Development, the strategic program

of the Polish government. Nevertheless, in the first place, growth of innovation is

only possible thanks to the entrepreneurship, creativity and solid education of the

Polish people. The latter build a good foundation for further investments to be

undertaken by American firms in Poland.


It must be emphasized that year in year out, the volume of Polish investments in the

United States has been also increasing. Next to the European Union, the United

States ranks among the most important investment destinations for Polish

companies. IT companies, biotechnology, medical and space technology firms are

all looking for opportunities to grow on the American market.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


In July 2017, Poland organized in Warsaw the Summit Meeting of the Three

Seas Initiative. President Donald Trump’s presence in this event has shown

that the Initiative attracts keen interest of the United States. The Initative

comes as yet another impulse strengthening the relations between Central European

countries who are European Union members on the one hand, and the whole

transatlantic community, on the other.


The topic of energy features importantly in the Three Seas Initiative. In this

connection, it is gratifying that Poland is the first country in the region to have

benefitted from the contract on supplies of American liquified natural gas

which were delivered last year. Cooperation in this area will not only strengthen

energy security of Central Europe but also further economic growth of the United



Expressing my appreciation to the organizers and participants of today’s Summit, I

wish you successful deliberations, good exchange of experience, many new

business contacts to be made, the contacts which will lend new quality to Polish-

American economic relations.


Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much. All the best!

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