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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

President: No place for worshippers of Hitler in our society

We cannot permit such organisations to exist in Poland, these are anti-Polish organisations. There is no room for Adolf Hitler worshippers in Polish society, President Andrzej Duda said Wednesday.


President Duda's words came in connection with recent media reports about a Polish far-right group, whose members were secretly filmed celebrating Adolf Hitler's birthday.


Andrzej Duda, in Davos, Switzerland for the ongoing World Economic Forum, told Polish Radio that the organisation's members should be prosecuted if the reports prove to be true.


"If what we could see on TV proves true, charges will have to be brought against these people. We cannot permit such organisations to exist at all in Poland. Such organisations are basically anti-Polish. If someone worships Adolf Hitler, the person responsible for the annihilation of Poles and other peoples, especially the Jewish people, then there is no room for them in Polish society," President Duda said.


On Saturday, private news channel TVN24 revealed the results of its investigation into the Polish nationalist movement "Pride and Modernity". TVN24's journalists managed to infiltrate the organisation and, using a hidden camera, recorded group members celebrating the 128th birthday of Adolf Hitler in May 2017, in a forest near Wodzislaw Slaski, southern Poland.


The Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday that the interior minister had taken action in connection with the events which were disclosed in the programme. (PAP)

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