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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

President meets diplomatic corps on Independence Day

Polish President Andrzej Duda received members of the diplomatic corps in the Presidential Palace on Wednesday as part of the Independence Day celebrations. "Poland remembers and does not forget about its independence," Duda said.

President Duda stressed that taking care of Poland's independence required strengthening its military potential as a straightforward determinant of security. "But it also means good cooperation and understanding with our partners in the European Union, and primarily in the area of military security with our partners in the North Atlantic Alliance."

The president reminded that Warsaw will host the next NATO summit in 2016. "I would like this summit to translate into construction of new security architecture in our part of Europe that in the context of current adverse changes in the geopolitical situation will offer Poles and other Central and Eastern European nations a sense of real security."

Duda also recalled the signing by nine Easter European NATO members of a historic declaration in Bucharest in early November, in which they declared their expectations of more NATO presence in the region and bigger security guarantees as well as their intention to strengthen their defence capabilities.

President Duda expressed hope that perhaps next year Poles could unite to hold a single Independence March in Warsaw despite all the differences that divide them. "Because if we even differ in our views, this does not apply to independence." (PAP)

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