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Monday, 21 August 2017

Security Bureau chief: Solidarity doesn't mean agreeing to relocation

Pawel Soloch, the head of the National Security Bureau (BBN), on Monday said Poland ought to show solidarity with countries affected by terrorism, but not by admitting "waves of refugees" to the country.


His comments came in the wake of last week's terrorist attacks in Spain.


In a television interview, asked about Poland's stance on the immigration issue, Pawel Soloch said the country was admitting immigrants "as a matter of principle".


At the same time, the BBN head stressed that with regard to the European Union, "we are currently learning, in view of the recent attacks, that where Muslim people concentrate in large numbers, and are poorly integrated, this is a natural feeding ground precisely for those terrorists".


"It is hardly reasonable for us to create such problems for ourselves", he added.


"This doesn't exempt us from a sort of pan-European solidarity in combating terrorism", Minister Soloch stressed.


"By solidarity I mean that we should be taking part, our special services should be cooperating with their foreign counterparts, maybe we should even allocate some funds, but this is something completely different", the BBN chief explained.


"We should be solidary, we should propose policies to prevent such phenomena", he added.


"We should participate, we should also shoulder some of the costs, but not in the form of an automatic, forced, artificial settlement of waves of refugees in our land", Pawel Soloch concluded. (PAP)

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