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Thursday, 6 August 2015

President: Repair of Poland is possible


A repair of Poland is possible and I will do everything possible to achieve all that what I have promised, President Andrzej Duda said addressing people gathered outside the Presidential Palace on Thursday afternoon.
Andrzej Duda added that it is nonsense that it is impossible to lower the retirement age and increase the level of tax-free income in Poland.
The president argued that he is aware of the promises he has made. "They are not difficult to meet. Do not listen what is being said about the impossibility of lowering the retirement age, that it is impossible to raise the tax-free income level as the budget would collapse. That is nonsense," said President Duda.
"This is nonsense. It will be enough if we just begin to repair the Polish economy and the money from the system will be available immediately," he added.
Speaking on the situation in Poland Duda said: "We are losing our country with the disappearance of successive institutions, public transport links, cultural institutions, schools, museums, community centres."
The president argued that Poland needs a very specific renewal, being together, not only in moments of crisis. Duda recalled that on Thursday morning addressing the National Assembly he spoke of mutual respect, cooperation and building a community.
He assured that the presidential palace will be an open palace, open to all major social initiatives. He added that one should discuss demands voiced by citizens as "people must finally have the feeling that they have something to say in their own country."
Duda argued that the repair of Poland is "necessary in all areas of life" and "this is the most difficult issue." This requires unity, as it is easy to destroy, divide while rebuilding is very difficult, said Duda adding that Poles face a "huge task".
Appealing for support Andrzej Duda said that the May presidential elections restored the morals of Poles and showed that democracy may be cherished. (PAP)


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