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Thursday, 20 August 2015

President asks Senate for referendum on October 25

  |   President Andrzej Duda President Andrzej Duda

I am asking the Senate for a referendum on the retirement age, mandatory schooling for six-year-olds and State Forests, President Andrzej Duda in a televised address on Thursday night. The planned date is October 25 , the day of parliamentary elections.

The president stressed that a few days ago he had met with representatives of citizens who signed civic drafts. "They represented 6 million Poles who had signed a motion for a referendum regarding matters that were extremely important for the state and people, namely, the retirement age, compulsory schooling for six-year-olds and State Forests," the president said. See also: Decision on referendum questions this week
"Taking into account the will of millions of Poles I am calling on the Senate for a national referendum on the day of parliamentary elections on October 25. A referendum held together with the elections to the Sejm (lower house) and Senate will be much cheaper than if it is held separately," the president stressed.
President Duda announced that he would not call off the September 6 referendum and stressed he decided to honour the decision taken by his predecessor.
"I decided to honour the will of my predecessor approved by the Senate and not to call off the September 6 referendum. I believe that the nation is the true sovereign whose voice must be listened to," President Duda said.
Under Poland's law on national referenda, the president may call a referendum on matters of special state importance with the approval of the Senate expressed by an absolute majority of votes cast with at least half the senators present. The Senate has 14 days from receiving a draft call for a referendum to reach a decision in the form of a resolution.
The September 6 referendum initiated by former President Bronislaw Komorowski is to ask Poles about single-seat constituencies, budget financing for political parties and resolving tax law doubts in taxpayers' favour. (PAP)


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