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Friday, 27 August 2021

President Duda’s letter to His Excellency Joe Biden



Warsaw, August 27, 2021

            Dear Mr. President,


Allow me to express, on behalf of the Polish nation, my deepest sorrow and sincerest condolences on the devastating loss of life suffered by the American people following the heinous terrorist attacks on Kabul airport in Afghanistan. As President of the Republic of Poland and Commander-in-chief of the Polish Armed Forces, I condemn in the strongest terms possible this senseless assault on innocent civilians and U.S. service personnel. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those affected by this tragedy. To those who were wounded by the blasts, I wish them a speedy recovery.


The heroic American servicemen and women who perished went above and beyond the call of duty, aiding those at Kabul airport whose lives were imperiled by a hostile group antithetical to the values espoused by our countries and the international community. These soldiers were guided by the very same creed that, for centuries, has guided the Polish nation – “Semper Fidelis.”


To that end, the Polish military has fought shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States on many fronts scattered across the globe, including in Afghanistan. The dangerous, and often bitter, experiences shared by Polish and American military personnel were of consequential value to the long-lasting Polish-American brotherhood-in-arms. The same applies to recent days and events in the capital of Afghanistan, where Polish diplomats and troops, standing side-by-side with their American counterparts, actively and successfully participated  in the evacuation of allied staff, including our citizens, our Afghan co-workers and friends. I assure you, Mr. President, that Poland stands with the United States in this dark hour, and will continue to remain a staunch ally even through the most challenging of crises.


Allow me to reaffirm the enduring strength of the bond of friendship between our two great nations and peoples, forever tied by the shared blood spilled on foreign soil in the fight against global terrorism.


Yours sincerely,

Andrzej Duda



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