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Saturday, 15 August 2020

President: The signing of the military agreement with the USA marks yet another chapter of our cooperation


Your Excellency, Mr  Secretary of State,

Ministers of Defence, and of Foreign Affairs,

Madam Ambassador of the United States to Poland,

Members of the Delegation of the United States of America,

Members of the Delegation of the Republic of Poland,

Dear Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen!


See also: President: New defence pact stands for higher level of cooperation with US The centenary of the 1920 Battle of Warsaw I am very pleased to welcome Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to our country,  to Poland. This visit is of great importance for two reasons - practical and symbolic.


From a symbolic perspective, because the Secretary of State is present in our country today, on the Centenary of the Glorious Victory of Warsaw, on the Centenary of our victory in the face the Bolshevik invasion, on the Day of the Polish Army. In those days, in the summer of 1920,  american pilots of the 7th Squadron also served as part of the Polish army, supporting the defence of the Republic of Poland against the Bolsheviks.


This allows us to move on to the practical aspect, namely that in a moment, right here, in the Presidential Palace, an Agreement on Enhanced Defence Cooperation between Poland and the United States will be signed, which leads us to the next, even more enhanced stage of defence cooperation, military cooperation.


I am very happy to welcome the two occasions, not least because they complement the two declarations I signed together with the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, in June and September last year. They were centred precisely on defence cooperation, and today's agreement is their translation into practice.


As a result, not only will there be more soldiers of the United States Army deployed in Poland, not only will there be more US infrastructure in our country, but there will also be a further guarantee that our soldiers will stand shoulder to shoulder and defend either Poland or the United States in case of any danger.


In brief, this represents tangible enhancement of Polish security. I also believe it will translate into other aspects of Polish-American cooperation. I am referring here to the very practical collaboration:  economic one which tangibly benefits both our countries and nations. More security means more certainty of investment, thus more opportunities for economic development.


In the last five years, Polish-American cooperation - both in the field of defence, of military affairs, and in the field of economy, has developed remarkably, something that I welcome with satisfaction. Those recent years are not only about symbols, it is not only the inclusion of the Poles to the American visa waiver programme, but above all this is about a tremendous boost in our cooperation, for example in the field of energy. It is also cooperation in many other areas, massive investments which have already been undertaken, and those announced by American companies in Poland.


Very importantly, this cooperation - and the enhanced military cooperation, and cooperation in the field of energy, for example - does not only benefit us, it also brings security to our part of Europe. In military terms, this certainly means more security for the Baltic States and for all our neighbours today. Also, from the energy angle, in the future it will mean more security in our region, also for Ukraine.


While expressing my great joy about the signing of the agreement which is about to take place in a moment, I would like to thank all those who contributed to the completion of negotiations of the document and to its crafting. May I also request Secretary of State to convey my words of thanks and very warm greetings to President Donald Trump.


God bless Poland! God bless the United States of America! Thank you.


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