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Monday, 5 August 2019

P. Mucha: Duda's presidency focusses on citizens' everyday problems

President Andrzej Duda's domestic policy actively focusses on the needs of ordinary people, deputy head of the President Office Pawel Mucha said, a day ahead of the fourth anniversary of Duda's presidency.


Paweł Mucha assessed that Andrzej Duda's presidency is "very active, very dynamic, focused at the domestic level on the needs of ordinary people, ordinary Polish families," and aimed at raising the standard of living of Poles.


Among Duda's achievements, Paweł Mucha listed the president's contribution to the lowering, to the previous level, of the retirement age. He also pointed to the president's pro-consumer steps, including the amendment of the Civic Code, and a draft on social assistance to be offered by Social Services Centres.


The aide also noted that the president is cooperating with entrepreneurs. "We have the Entrepreneurship Council, we have a section for the economy within the National Development Council, we also have president's legislature initiatives. Several days ago the president signed into law a bill on simple stock companies supporting start-ups."


Paweł Mucha also recalled a number of presidential initiatives regarding the Polish health system, including the June signing of an agreement between the Polish Ministry of Health and the University of Texas Cancer Centre.


He underlined President Duda's active role in the sphere of the national military as well as energy security. In this case Mucha recalled the recently signed Polish-US agreement on military cooperation and agreements on the import of US LNG to Poland aimed to diversify the country's energy sources.


Speaking about plans for the final year of Duda's presidency, Paweł Mucha stressed the president will continue his active pro-family policy. Next year, the president plans to organise a congress of Polish families which in a sense would sum up the president's activities in this sphere.


Paweł Mucha assured that "the continuation of the reform of the judicial system" will continue to remain on the president's list of priorities. (PAP)

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