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Monday, 27 May 2019

President thanks Poles for high turnout in EP election

President Andrzej Duda has thanked the Polish people for the great responsibility which they have taken upon themselves. The head of state made the statement on Monday, praising the high voter turnout in the European elections in Poland on Sunday.


According to the State Electoral Commission (PKW), voter turnout exceeded 45 percent.


Andrzej Duda stressed he was very glad that his appeal for participation in the voting was heard. "This turnout is extremely high taking into account earlier EP elections in our country. Let met thank you for this," he emphasised.


"The turnout in the elections to the European Parliament, which was exceptionally high, shows that our democracy has been growing strong. It also shows that our society is mature," President Duda said, underlining that the people "have understood the value and importance of the vote they cast."


"I am very proud of my compatriots because they have manifested their understanding of democratic processes," he went on to say.


The president congratulated all candidates who have won EP seats.


He also stressed that Sunday's high turnout was what made him really happy. "Today, this is for me - for the head of state - the most important thing. This is absolutely fundamental for the voter turnout not to amount only to a dozen or so percent or to exceed only 20 percent. All of us know that in such a situation the choice is completely biased," Duda said. (PAP)

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