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Tuesday, 2 September 2003

The visit of the Presidents of Poland, Chroatia, Macedonia and Romania to Cracov and Krynica Górska, 3-4 September 2003

PRESS PROGRAMME OF THE VISIT OF PRESIDENTS OF: THE REPUBLIC OF POLAND, THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA AND ROMANIA IN CRACOV AND KRYNICA GÓRSKA 3- 4 SEPTEMBER 2003 Cracov- 3 September 2003 18:00- Collegium Maius- President Aleksander Kwaśniewski meets: the President of the Republic of Croatia- Stipe Mesic, the President of the Republic of Macedonia- Boris Trajkovski and the President of Romania- Ion Iliescu Photo opp before the meeting 18:55- Collegium Maius- short meeting of Presidents with journalists Krynica Górska - 4 September 2003 11:30- arrival of Presidents at Krynica Górska 11:55- Stary Dom Zdrojowy (The Old Spa)- memorial picture of Presidents- visual pool 13:00- Nowy Dom Zdrojowy Zdrojowy (The New Spa; marble hall) – official presentation of The Report of the Economical Forum- presence of accredited journalists 14:00- Pijalnia Główna (room at the I-st floor)- the inaugural session of the Economical Forum- speeches of Presidents- presence of accredited journalists 15:45- Pijalnia Główna (concert hall)- celebration of handing in the award of the Economical Forum- presence of accredited journalists 16:10- Pijalnia Główna- meeting of Presidents with journalists- presence of accredited journalists 16:45- Pijalnia Główna (concert hall)- presentation of “Ukraine proposes, Ukraine invites”- presence of accredited journalists 17:30- 19:30- discussions with participation of Presidents · Nowy Dom Zdrojowy (The New Spa; marble hall)- participation of the President of Poland in discussion: „The future of transatlantic relationships, new dilemmas of policies of Central and Western Europe countries” · Sala Stare Łazienki (The Old Bathrooms Hall)- participation of the Presidents of the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Croatia in the Balkan discussion- “Transformation of the state as a challenge towards the EU and NATO” · Stary Dom Zdrojowy (The Old Spa; Presidential Cafeteria)- participation of the President of Romania in discussion: „The quality of governance versus globalization in post-Communist countries”
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