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Wednesday, 1 October 2003

Official visit of the President of Poland with Spouse to Spain – the third day

October, 1 2003, on the third day of the visit the President of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski with Spouse visited Seville. President of Poland began his visit with the meeting with the Prime Minister of the Regional Government of Andalusie, M. Chaves and next with the Mayor of Seville, A. Sanchez Mnteseirin. During the meeting at the Mayor’s office, President Kwaśniewski received the keys to the city of Seville. In the afternoon the President of Poland together with the delegation visited the “CASA” company. Asked by the Polish journalists about the visit to Spain, President Kwaśniewski underscored the significance of this official visit underlining the excellent Polish-Spanish relations. It took place in the very particular moment, a couple of days before the Intergovernmental Conference begins. President Kwaśniewski said: In my view yesterday’s talks which showed Polish and Spanish determination to hold to the rules set by the Treaty of Nice are of great importance. This was a well-needed, successful and I hope, fruitful visit.
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