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Thursday, 20 November 2003

President of Poland met the President of Lithuania

20th November, 2003 the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Aleksander Kwaśniewski met the President of the Republic of Lithuania, Mr. Rolandas Paksas. After the meeting both presidents met the journalist. President A. Kwaśniewski made a statement: President Paksas is on his way from Iraq to Vilno. We talked about our common actions in Iraq. I heard a very good opinion on the actions of Polish commanders in the Polish stability zone, where also Lithuanian soldiers are placed. They serve also in the British zone. I am glad I shall have an opportunity to pay visit to Polish soldiers as well as soldiers from 20 other nationalities, staying in Polish zone, in December. We talked about the most important issues, such as the Lithuanian accession to NATO, about the works concluding the preparations of the Constitutional Treaty. President Paksas advised me on the internal situation in Lithuania, the issues that are broadly discussed nowadays by the media. I am convinced that everything will be explained in accordance with the democratic procedures and law and at the same time Lithuania will maintain necessary stability and activity. Being neighbours we are at Lithuania’s disposal, we are ready both to talk and to give and take advice in difficult issues, as the truly good partnership matures more in the difficult moments than the easy ones. Our today’s meeting is a proof that we can talk and we need such talks also in the more complicated moments in history. I am convinced, that the strategic plan binding Poland and Lithuania, such as being good neighbours, entering the European Union, common presence in the NATO structures will be accomplished in the oncoming months. We shall be together in those structures and we shall further develop our relations. The statement made by the President of the Republic of Lithuania: Recently I contacted the Polish President to greet him on his birthday. I told him about my trip to Iraq. President Kwaśniewski asked me to visit him on my way back, to talk about the situation in Iraq, because Lithuanian soldiers serve there under Polish command. I am really glad I can speak openly here: Mr. President! You can be proud of your generals. They fulfill their duties with full responsibility. I think, that every mother, every father can be proud of such sons, that are today in Iraq.
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