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Wednesday, 16 January 2002

Official visit of the President of the Russian Federation - List of documents related to General W. Sikorski

Below is a list of documents from the personal file of Władysław Sikorski, handed to President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his Polish visit on January 16, 2002: 1. Cover folder of W. Sikorski`s personal file (part 1, part 2). 2. Secondary school graduation certificate (matura) of W. Sikorski, dated June 24, 1902, stating the graduation from the Franciszek Józef Gymnasium in Lvov. 3. Certificate, dated October 25, 1905, of the passed 1st state examination at the engineering department of the Lvov Technical University. 4. Certificate dated July 8, 1909, confirming the graduation from the engineering department of the Lvov Technical University. 5. Officer`s nomination of W. Sikorski, issued by the Austrian Ministry of Defence on December 24, 1906. 6. Memorial card with signatures from a P.O.W. camp in Dulfwalve, where W. Sikorski was held (March 1918). 7. Extract from the service record of division general W. Sikorski updated for November 1, 1918. 8. Motion from the Brest-Litovsk command for the promotion of colonel W. Sikorski (original and copy) dated February 4, 1920. 9. Attestation certificate of colonel W. Sikorski, dated February 6, 1920. 10. A copy of an opinion about general-lieutenant W. Sikorski, dated November 6, 1920. 11. Motion from the Northern Front command for a promotion of general-lieutenant W. Sikorski, dated March 23, 1921. 12. Certificate from the Central Military Archives, dated March 31, 1921, and made on the basis of W. Sikorski`s personal data. 13. Registry-attestation certificate of W. Sikorski (2 copies). 14. Attestation certificate of W. Sikorski. 15. Protocol dated February 4, 1928, on issuing division-general W. Sikorski`s card based on registry-attestation statements. 16. Registry card of brigadier-general W. Sikorski. 17. Autobiography of W. Sikorski (15 pages, handwritten, no date). 18. Registry card of W. Sikorski from the Ministry of Military Affairs (1928). 19. W. Sikorski`s statement of December 12, 1933, on the necessity to include service in the Austro-Hungarian army into the period of his military career. 20. Letter from the Ministry of Military Affairs to W. Sikorski on the necessity to confirm the fact of serving for the Rifle Association, the Austro-Hungarian army, internment, etc. 21. Certificate dated October 16, 1935, in which F. Młynarski confirms the work of W. Sikorski for the Committee of United Organisations which fought for independence in the years 1908-1914. 22. Certificate dated October 14, 1935 in which K. Sosnkowski confirms the work of W. Sikorski for the Union of Active Strife in 1908 and for the Rifle Association. 23. Letter from W. Sikorski to the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Military Affairs dated October 19, 1935. 24. Certificate from general A. Litwinowicz concerning W. Sikorski`s service for the Rifle Association, dated October 9, 1935. 25. Certificate from general M. Kukiel concerning W. Sikorski`s service for the Rifle Association, dated October 10, 1935. 26. Certificate from colonel M. Modelski concerning W. Sikorski`s internment in the P.O.W. camp at Dulfwalve (Hungary). 27. Registry card filled out by W. Sikorski on October 14, 1935, and describing his scientific work. 28. W. Sikorski`s financial documents (1938). 29. Calculation of division-general W. Sikorski`s years of career (October 1935). 30. Calculation of division-general W. Sikorski`s years of career on June 3, 1938. 31. Cover letter from the command of the 4th military district, dated March 9, 1939, to the Ministry of Military Affairs concerning the submission of division-general W. Sikorski`s personal card. 32. Certificate from a branch of the military archives in Gdańsk, dated February 28, 1941, confirming the fact of possessing W. Sikorski`s personal card (in the German language). President Aleksander Kwaśniewski intends to deposit the documents from Władysław Sikorski`s personal file at the State Archives by handing them to the State Archives Director Professor Daria Nałęcz at a ceremony in the Presidential Palace soon.
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