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Thursday, 11 October 2001

President of the Republic of Poland met with chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

On August 14th 2001 President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski met in Szczecin with Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Gerhard Schroeder. After the meeting President Kwasniewski said: We talked about matters we share - about NATO, about the policy of the open door and the next year Prague Summit. We definitely support such developments that would allow implementing the open door policy and possibility to accept new members during that Summit in the year 2002. Today we will pay a visit to the Headquarter of the Multinational Corps Northeast located here in Szczecin. This is a clear example showing that our cooperation has not only a political dimension, but has also purely military aspects. We also talked about the European Union. I listened with a great satisfaction to the words of Chancellor Schroeder who said that he could not think of the first group of new EU members without Poland among them. If we complete our homework and complete our negotiations by the end of 2002, there is such a possibility that Poland will be in the first group of the new Union members. We also talked about the necessary negotiations, that after the Polish parliamentary election should be accelerated and about our Polish-German cooperation supporting achievement of these goals.
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