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Wednesday, 12 April 2000

Telephone conversation with Russian President

On April 12th, 2000, President Aleksander Kwasniewski and President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, had a telephone conversation. Wladimir Putin informed President Kwasniewski about the new burrial sites outside Smolensk and invited the Polish side, including prosecutors, to take part in the proceedings aimed at elucidating the truth. The Presidents said that the upcoming ceremonies to mark the anniversary of the crime should be held in the spirit of reconciliation, without spite and hate, that they should serve to condemn the crime and bring the nations of Poland and the Russian Federation closer together. The Russian side looks to a visit by Jolanta Kwasniewska on April 13th at Katyn. Both Presidents expressed their will to further Polish-Russian relations in the interest of both countries. They plan to meet in the first half of this year. The talk was held on the Russian initiative.
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