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Thursday, 1 June 2000

President at Expo 2000

On June 1st, President of the Republic of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski took part in the ceremony of opening the World Exposition, Expo 2000, in Hannover. Next, he opened the Polish Pavilion. Taking the floor there, the President said: My task here is to show Poland to the world, as it is now and as it will be like. - free, democratic and economically developing state. The state rich in tradition, culture and science, fascinated with technology and sensitive to nature and human need. A country opened to investors and businessmen, a country that is attractive and hospitable. I would like to show a European state, a member of the European Union of the 21st century, a state like any other in the Union, but attractive for its unique charm. During his visit to Hannover, Aleksander Kwasniewski met with Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. President Kwasniewki met with the press, telling a news conference i.a.: We`ve talked with Chancellor Schroeder about the European Union and the upcoming French presidency, about security, Russia and Ukraine. I was asked about the situation in Poland and its cabinet crisis. I heard a friendly German wish for Poland to come out of the crisis as quickly as possible, so that a reliable government is a partner to our neighbours and the entire international community. I think that both Germany and Europe need not be too much concerned, because this crisis is exclusively of a political and inter-party character. Both the Warsaw bourse`s indices and the parity of the Polish zloty, as well as other fundamentals are good, and this crisis has no foundations of an economic nature. No apprehension about the direction of Poland`s foreign policy. My position and talks provide guarantees that nothing bad can happen. Furthermore, we go on negotiating with the European Union. All actions are being continued. No doubting, it would be very good, if the situation got right shortly, so that we knew which government, a coalition or a minority, we have in Poland, as this is an essential factor of Polish trustworthiness.
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