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Marek Rymsza

Marek Rymsza, PhD., sociologists, researcher at the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization, University of Warsaw, where at present he is head of the Unit for Preventive Functions of Social Policy.


He is a co-founder and editor of a quarterly “Trzeci Sektor”, a scientific publication devoted to civil society and NGO’s, published by the Foundation Institute of Social Affairs. Member of the editorial board of the quarterly ”Więź” and  of “Laboratorium Więzi”. Bureau Member of the Board of the Polish Sociology Association, Mr Rymsza chairs the Community Work Section therein. Moreover, he founded and actively works in the Empowerment Forum.


In 1990-2001, he worked in the Chancellery of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, serving as a secretary in the Committee for Social Affairs, Family and Health in four subsequent parliamentary terms; thereupon in 2002-2008, he was Director of the Social Policy Programme in the Foundation Institute of Social Affairs.


Dr Rymsza specializes in social policy and in other public policies, social work, and non-profit sector, as well as civil society problems.


His recent publications include:  Aktywizacja w polityce społecznej. W stronę rekonstrukcji europejskich welfarestates?, Warsaw 2013; Toward Active Welfare. The Development of Social Work and Community Work in Poland and Europe (scientific editing of the volume), Warsaw 2014; Reintegracja. Aktywna polityka społeczna w praktyce (co-author together with A. Karwacki and  T. Kaźmierczak), Warsaw 2014.


Dr Marek Rymsza is coordinator of the section Social policy, family in the National Development Council. 

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