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Andrzej Waśko

Assistant Professor Andrzej Wasko (post-doctoral degree in humanities), literary critic and historian of culture, a graduate of the Jagiellonian University and member of the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Jagiellonian University. Scholar of the “Kultura" Paris-based Literary Institute, of John Paul II Foundation in Rome, and of the Kosciuszko Foundation (he lectured Polish literature at the University of Illinois in Chicago).

Co-founder of the Arcana Publishing House and co-editor of the bimonthly "Arcana", at present, editor in chief of the magazine. As a journalist and columnist, he is, among others, associated with "Arcana", “Gazeta Polska" and "Nowe Państwo". In the years 1980-1983, Mr Waśko was an activist of the Independent Students' Association. Founder and long-standing president of the King Władysław Łokietek Małopolska Initiative, a movement which in 2004 launched a nationwide campaign against trading thesis papers on the Internet. From August to November 2007, he served as secretary of state in the Ministry of National Education. Co-founder and first vice-president of the Society of Teachers of Polish Schools (until 2011.). President of the Maurycy Mochancki Foundation, which is involved in promotion of Polish literature.
Author of books and scientific works on Polish literature of the 19th and 20th centuries, including : Romantyczny sarmatyzm (Romantic Sarmatism; 1995), Zygmunt Krasinski – oblicza poety (Zygmunt Krasinski – the faces of the poet; 2001), Historia według poetow (History according to poets; 2015), journalistic articles and books, including e.g. Demokracja bez korzeni (Democracy without roots; 2009), critic and publisher of, inter alia, a scientific series "Biblioteka Sarmacka."
Member of the Law and Justice Programme Council.

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