Paweł Soloch – Secretary of State, Head of the National Security Bureau

Paweł Soloch was born on 3 February 1962 in Szczecin. A graduate of the History Department at the University of Warsaw and of post-diploma studies at l’Institut de Hautes Études en Administration Publique (IDHEAP) in Lausanne as well as  post-diploma studies at École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) in Paris.

He specializes in the areas of national security, crisis management and protection of critical infrastructure, management of the state, public administration and civil service.

Mr Soloch worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence (1992-1998). Moreover, he served as Deputy Director in the Defence Affairs Department at the Office of the Prime Minister (1998-1999). In the years 1999–2001, he held the position of Director of the Department of General Security at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. From 2004 until 2005 he was an advisor to the Mayor of Warsaw.

In the years 2005-2008, he served as Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, and from November 2005 also as Chief of National Civil Defence. An advisor to the Head of the National Security Bureau (2008-2010) and an expert at the Sobieski Institute (2010-2014). In 2013 Mr Soloch was appointed Member of the Board of the Sobieski Institute. From 2014 until 2015 he served as  President of the Institute.

On 7 August 2015, the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda appointed him Head of the National Security Bureau in the rank of Secretary of State.

He is fluent in English and French. Married, has two children.