Born in 1984 in Wrocław. A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at the Piastów Śląskich Medical University in Wrocław and the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wrocław and the Higher School of Law in Wrocław. He defended his doctoral dissertation at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Medical University of Wroclaw. He is a specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care and the author of the first Polish textbook on the limitations of life–support technology entitled „Futile therapy for doctors and lawyers”. He graduated with honors from Oxford University in „Strategy and Innovation.”

During his military service at the Military Medical Institute he established the Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic – Poland’s first military clinical center dedicated to the treatment of submarine and flying personnel of the Armed Forces.

He was twice awarded the Cross of Merit for Bravery, in 2018 for undertaking the rescue hyperbaric treatment of a pilot of a MIG29 jet aircraft following the machine’s failure in flight and in 2020 for leading the Polish Military–Civilian Medical Mission in Lombardy during the COVID–19 pandemic.

He was the Commander of the 2020 Polish Military Medical Mission to the U.S., and during a visit to the White House, he received official thanks from the President of the United States for the contributions of Polish medics to combat the SARS CoV2 pandemic in the U.S. and was awarded the U.S. Military Medal of Merit from the State of Illinois.

He is the author of the concept of first modular temporary hospitals designed in Poland and several innovative technical solutions in the field of medicine and security under European intellectual property protection.

Awarded the Medal for Sacrifice and Courage for his services in saving human lives. Winner of the Portraits of Polish Medicine. Ever since his student days, he has been publishing articles on rescue and civil protection, and is the founding father of the Paramedics Centre.

Before becoming the Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the President of Poland, he in the Military Medical Institute in the rank of major.

Minister Jacek Siewiera exercises substantive supervision over the Office for Dialogue and Correspondence. His responsibilities at the ODC include:

– supervision and coordination in matters related to letters, opinions, petitions and appeals from individuals and organizations addressed to the President and the Chancellery;
– monitoring of issues related to social affairs;
– participation in the works of the Social Dialogue Council;
– humanitarian issues.