Grażyna Ignaczak-Bandych – Chief of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland

Grażyna Ignaczak-Bandych is a graduate of  Polish philology. She has also completed postgraduate studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences and at the University of Warsaw in the field of local governance, control and audit, as well as project management.

In the years 1998 – 2006 Mrs Ignaczak-Bandych served in the local government of the City of Warsaw, sitting among others on the Warsaw City Council, and chairing the committee for education and family.

In 2001, Mrs Ignaczak-Bandych took the office of   Director of the Department for State Patronage at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage , then of  a Deputy director of the Department of Economics. In 2005-2007 she served as  Director General at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. From 2007 to 2015, Mrs Ignaczak-Bandych performed the function of  Director General in Central Directorate of State Archives - a government agency

In  2008 she was  appointed civil servant.

In 2004  Mrs Ignaczak-Bandych was employed as an academic teacher by the Kozminski University, and subsequently, by the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. In the years 1998 – 2000, she worked as a Polish language teacher.