Barbara Brodowska-Mączka – General Director in the Chancellery of the President

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw (Financial Law Chair). Attended Center for Latin American Studies and graduated from Executive MBA Studies.

Affiliated with the Ministry of Finance for almost 21 years. She worked in the budget department, dealing with issues pertaining to the financing of infrastructure, transport, state investments, especially those related to health, science, modernization of state services and culture. She coordinated the budget in the area of economic affairs.

Mrs Brodowska-Mączka is an expert in the system of public finance, including financing of the public sector units.

She co-created a number of solutions, including legislative ones, in the field of finance, infrastructure and public investments.

She started her professional career from the position of a clerk  and was gradually promoted to that of Minister Counsellor.  In 2014-2016 and 2018 Barbara Brodowska-Mączka served as Deputy Director of the Department for Financing of the Economic Sphere. She also acted as Counsel General and Director General in the Ministry of Finance.

Mrs Brodowska-Mączka actively participated in numerous groups and teams, including inter-ministerial ones. She served as financial expert in, among others, the Team for the Organization of the World Youth Day and the Team for the Multiannual National Financial Plan. She also performed the function of Chairperson of the Financial Education Council and was a member of the Audit Committee in the Ministry of Finance.