23 listopada 2008
On 23 November 2008, the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, paid a visit to Georgia. In Tbilisi the Polish President took part in celebrations to mark the 5th anniversary of the Rose Revolution. The Polish President was accompanied by Secretary of State at the Presidential Chancellery, Michał Kamiński, and Undersecretary of State at the Presidential Chancellery, Mariusz Handzlik.

President Lech Kaczyński met with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. The two Presidents went to Tbilisi’s Opera and Ballet Theatre to attend the ‘National Solidarity’ event held to mark the 5th anniversary of the Rose Revolution.

At a meeting with the press, the Polish President said:

‘It is not for the first time that I have come here to celebrate St. George’s Day, Georgia’s National Day, so as to demonstrate my support for the people of Georgia and for Georgia’s territorial integrity. Moreover, I wanted to express my support for the cause of the freedom of the nations that some fifteen years ago liberated themselves from the so-called Soviet empire, the empire – now no longer a Soviet empire – that some people are trying to reconstruct, the best example of which was the operation launched this last August.

Today’s developments are evidence that claims that the so-called six-point plan has been implemented do not reflect reality. From this place I would like to appeal to my friends from the European Union, as well as from the United States and other NATO countries that do not belong to the EU, to recognize this fact and to draw conclusions before it is too late. Today it is not too late yet, but tomorrow it may be too late, especially given that the situation in the world is changing. We have to do with elements of a financial crisis that is turning into a recession. Those who have been building their power on gas and oil have also suffered losses; this may cause moves quite opposite to what might be expected. As a matter of fact, the moves we have seen in recent weeks, the issue of the Kaliningrad region, are the best evidence for that.

We have to do with a kind of paradoxical reaction, from the point of view of many of my European friends and allies, people who are surely acting as they are in accordance with their deepest beliefs. However, a question emerges whether we have to do here with the right assessment of the situation. The shots were fired on Georgian territory, on territory, moreover, that was controlled by the government in Tbilisi this last August.

This journey down that dark road taught me a lot. I am not sorry that I have been through this experience here.’

In the evening of the same day, the Polish President returned to Poland.
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