13 października 2008
On 13 October 2008, the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, on a visit to Poland since last Sunday, arrived in Warsaw.

In the morning, President Vaclav Klaus met with President Lech Kaczyński at the Presidential Palace at an official luncheon. After the meeting, the two Presidents made statements for the media.

Addressing the journalists, President Lech Kaczyński said:

‘Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our meeting has continued since yesterday. We were in Cieszyn, both in its Polish part and in its Czech part. It was a symbolic meeting, considering that the town divided following a decision of the council of ambassadors in 1920 today functions as a whole, one can say. It has a total population of 63 000, including 37 000 residents on the Polish side and 26 000 on the Czech side. The two mayors are close friends. Cieszyn is almost exactly halfway between Warsaw and Prague, the same distance from both cities, and is nowadays the symbol of our very, very close relations. One could say that the fact that we enjoy such relations is no great success, for Czech-Polish relations should by their very nature be very close. Yes, but we have achieved this natural state of affairs only recently, and that is why I am very satisfied indeed with yesterday’s meeting and with its character – undoubtedly, it had a symbolic character, just as I am satisfied with our today’s meeting over luncheon. Very soon, in one hour’s time, we will meet again, and on this occasion President Vaclav Klaus will appear in a different role: as the author of a book, as an extremely bold intellectual who opposes the tendencies that have dominated the way of thinking on a certain important matter – I would say this dominance has reached a global scale. Who should know that better than you, Ladies and Gentlemen, you who represent the media, what it means for a certain way of thinking to establish itself in a certain group. I will not quote examples here concerning our country, for all of you, Ladies and Gentlemen, are familiar with them. There are people about whom it is allowed to write in favourable terms only; and there are people who, if they have one favourable sentence written about them, it has to be followed by three unfavourable ones. In this context, I do admire Professor Klaus’s intellectual courage; quite aside from the fact that President Klaus is serving his second term as President, and was a Prime Minister before that and a President of the National Assembly, a position equivalent to that of the Speaker of the Sejm in Poland, and also served as finance minister. Therefore, in the Czech Republic, in Czechoslovakia initially, he has held all the important positions, one could say. I congratulate him on his intellectual courage. As I said, we will meet again in a little more than an hour. President Klaus will be speaking about his book.’

In the afternoon, President Lech Kaczyński attended a promotional event for President Vaclav Klaus’s book entitled ‘Blue Planet in Green Shackles’, held at the Warsaw School of Economics.