11 grudnia 2008
On 11 December 2008, in Poznan the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr Lech Kaczyński took part in the opening of the High-Level Segment of the 14 Session of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Upon his arrival to Poznan, President Lech Kaczyński met with the UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-moon. The President of RP and the UN Secretary General made a very positive assessment of the progress of the Poznan Conference theretofore. The Secretary General emphasized the efficient organization of the Conference and the active leadership of Poland as the host of the Conference. While congratulating Poland on the success in organizing the works of the Conference, Mr Ban Ki-moon noted that the Conference was now entering its most important stage and that its participants were facing a difficult task of bringing closer their positions on the most important issues at stake.

The President of RP and the UN Secretary General unanimously underscored that the success of the Poznan Conference would send a very important political signal in pursuit of the agreement to be reached at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

In Poznan, President Lech Kaczyński also met with the Prime Minister of Sweden, Mr Frederik Reinfeldt. In the discussion, the interlocutors took stock of the Climate Conference in Poznan so far. President Lech Kaczyński and Prime Minister Reinfeldt expressed their hope that the conference would end with success and would help to bring closer individual positions in key areas of negotiations. The Prime Minister of Sweden congratulated Poland as the host of the Conference on the efficient management of the proceedings and the active leadership in the ongoing negotiations.

In the course of the meeting, also prospects for the forthcoming European Council Meeting to be held on 11 December in Brussels were covered. The President of RP and the Prime Minister of Sweden expressed their hope for compromise on the climate and energy package. Also ratification of the Lisbon Treaty was raised in the discussion. The President of RP confirmed that Poland would not be in the way of the ratification of the Treaty. Both interlocutors shared hope that during the session of the Council, the Irish side would provide further information about the intended steps to be taken on the ratification of the Treaty.
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