12 października 2007
The President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, and the FRG Chancellor, Angela Merkel, met in Berlin Friday noon, 12th October 2007.

”I am very pleased to be again in Berlin – the fifth time already during my term of office as President of Poland. Yes, indeed, the Lisbon Summit is ahead of us, on 18th and 19th October. I am optimistic about its outcome. Assuming that all of the information reaching me is correct, the summit meeting will be a success, I think. I said so in Paris a few days ago and I believe that here today we will be able to reaffirm this. Certainly, there are still details to be agreed. In one or two cases, these details are quite essential, but I deeply believe that the Summit will lead to a successful outcome. There are certain bilateral issues between Poland and Germany still outstanding. I am not sure if today’s meeting will afford a sufficient time, but the need to take them up goes without saying.

After returning to Warsaw, President Lech Kaczyński told journalists:

” My talk with Madam Chancellor was very nice, focusing on issues relating to the forthcoming Summit of the European Union. I believe that the Summit will end in a success, with the postulates of Poland being also taken into account. Obviously, Germany is not holding the EU Council Presidency at present, but it is an almost 80-million-strong state and, in a way, under the agreement with Portugal and Slovenia, Germany is part of the current trio-presidency and hence co-presiding. Considering, in this context, my earlier talks with President Sarkozy, I have an optimistic view of the future. In conclusion of our Berlin talks, we agreed on the need to hold another bilateral meeting, but one already after the Summit and the general elections in Poland. This next meeting will deal with a number of bilateral issues, not thoroughly simple, but we will make the final arrangements for it after the two above-mentioned events. Allow me to repeat: the climate of our talk was very good, as it has always been with Madam Chancellor. I am also optimistic about the solution of bilateral issues, even if they are not in a short supply, but even increasing at this time.

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