03 grudnia 2002
On December 3rd 2003 President of the Republic of Poland paid a working visit to Paris at which he met the French President Jacques Chirac. The meeting of the two presidents was devoted to the final stages of Poland`s EU accession negotiations, and the Danish EU Presidency`s new proposals in particular. After the discussion, the Polish President met with representatives of Polish and French media. Turning to the journalists Aleksander Kwaśniewski commented: The discussions were extremely interesting, serious and frank. Ahead of us is the Copenhagen meeting and the present discussions should be perceived as part of the negotiations in process. I had the opportunity of presenting our position and our assessment of the Danish Presidency`s proposals. The French President was able to hear the concerns we have. Tomorrow, President Chirac will be raising the subject with Chancellor Schroeder at their scheduled meeting. The discussions are continuing. The appeal I made to the French President was that, as the discussions proceed on the important financial matters and the strategic differences, the participants not loose sight of the chief idea of the enlargement process, which - to my mind - is the single greatest European project in our continent`s history. I was ensured of the French support and fraternity, and of the conviction that the enlargement should take place, with Poland being one of its most important participants, or likely its single most important participant. The remaining detail questions will a subject of discussion. Discussions on details bear out aptness of the phrase that `devil is in the detail`. It is as we get into the finer points that significant differences in views, doubts as well as - unfortunate as it is - stereotypes surface. We need to talk to one another as that is what the negotiations are for. President Chirac will be informing me on his meeting with Chancellor Schroeder.