14 grudnia 2002
On December 14th 2002 in the afternoon, President of the Republic of Poland, Aleksander Kwaśniewski held a telephone conversation with the EU Enlargement Commissioner, Günter Verheugen. President of the Republic of Poland thanked the Commissioner for his unparalleled personal contribution throughout the accession negotiations between Poland and the European Union. The President stressed the deep involvement and friendship of Günter Verheugen and his understanding of the needs and aspirations of Poland. The President and the Commissioner talked about the social impact of the decisions taken at the Copenhagen Summit for both Poland and the present EU member states. Both gentlemen agreed that close co-operation will be required in the run-up to the accession referendum in Poland, with focus on comprehensive and objective presentation of Poland`s accession conditions agreed with the EU. They also stressed the importance of adequate preparation of the national and the sub-national government administrations and the society at large if Poland it to take full advantage of the opportunities that the partnership-based participation in the European Union creates.