06 listopada 2001
- Final Text - Declaration of the Warsaw Conference on Combating Terrorism November 6th, 2001 We, the Heads of State of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, have gathered in Warsaw, November 6th, 2001, and have exchanged views on our common experience of the 20th century, including the successful struggle to regain freedom, liberties and to enjoy transformation to democracy and prosperity. We pledge to stay united with other countries in condemning the covert and hideous attack on September 11th, 2001, against the United States, in which thousands of innocent people of different nationalities were killed or injured. We stand by the American nation, just as they supported us in our struggle for freedom. We express our denouncement of international terrorism’s utter disregard for innocent life. We want to stress that fight against international terrorism we see as a war between humanity and barbarism, and not between different religions or cultures. We strongly believe that this attack against the United States of America was an assault on basic freedoms and security of all the people of our world. We, the Heads of State of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, being responsible for the security and freedom of our people, firmly pledge to implement various ways and means to fight terrorist activities in our regions or elsewhere and to support any necessary action to stamp out terrorist organisations, so that there are no safe havens for terrorists anywhere. We unconditionally support the action being taken against terrorism in all its aspects within the framework defined by the United Nations and by other international organisations, in particular by the European Union which, by the means of the so far proclaimed documents unequivocally denounced any acts of international terrorism perpetrated against any nation. In particular we call upon all states to implement fully the requirements of UNSCR 1373 and 1333 and to ratify the 12 international conventions relating to terrorism. We strongly encourage international organisations such as the UN, OSCE, Council of Europe and NATO to take necessary measures to assist in full implementation of relevant international conventions relating to international terrorism and pledge as member states to actively contribute to those efforts. In this respect we share position of the European Union, expressed inter alia, in the Conclusions and Action Plan of the Extraordinary European Council of September 21st, 2001, that far greater co-operation in international fora is needed to fight international terrorism. We welcome NATO’s efforts among Allies and their Partners to develop capabilities to defend against terrorism. We welcome the OSCE and the Council of Europe contributions to the fight against terrorism by resort to those Organisations’ specific expertises. In order to harmonize our efforts in this field we have agreed to and adopted the „Action Plan” enumerating concrete spheres of co-operation our countries will pursue. Our specific aim is to provide a regional dimension to the comprehensive worldwide efforts against this scourge of the 21st century. Nations of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe stand united in their fight against terror - as long as it takes – by means of close co-operation with the United States, acting in concert with the rest of international community. Terrorists do not share values of democracy or freedom or justice as we do. In coalition we will be able to bring to account all those responsible for terrorist attacks, to better target terrorists organisations, their financial, communication and logistic networks and those who instigate, support, finance, train, equip and harbour them. We must redouble our efforts in fighting international terrorism and devote more attention to study its sources. We do believe that existing regimes of export control, including arms and dual use items, can be implemented more efficiently, as well as far greater co-operation on non-proliferation issues is needed. We will ask our national agencies to take adequate steps in this respect, also in such fields like, for example, aviation, maritime security, law-enforcement and terrorist-financing. To promote mutual co-operation in the suppression of international terrorism we declare readiness to enhance intelligence sharing and co-operation, and to undertake other necessary measures in support of operations against international terrorism. Enhancement of security measures is extremely urgent. Furthermore we believe that in many cases national legislation should be modified in order to strengthen institutions responsible for security matters (such as police, special services, immigration, etc.), while individual liberties also have to be protected. Democracy cannot imply that the state attacked by terrorists shall be defenceless. It has its inherent right to individual and collective self-defence. Having met in Warsaw, we have initiated discussion on various methods to achieve this goal, using all the instruments at our disposal, both as individual states and as members of multilateral organisations. We believe that the swift enlargement of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation will make the fight with international terrorism more efficient. We have agreed to review the development and implementation of all initiatives accepted today at the Warsaw Conference at its next stage to be held next year, the venue and modalities of which will be determined in due course. Our states and peoples fully identify with the efforts – political, military, economic, humanitarian and others - undertaken by the United States of America and its friends and allies, as we are the United States’ friends and allies in the broad counter-terrorism coalition. Without hesitation we give our utmost support for the U.S.-led operations against terrorist targets. Being resolved to make the counter-terrorism coalition strong and united, being convinced that the counter-terrorism coalition must be made as broad and efficient as possible in its diplomatic, financial, economic, law-enforcement, intelligence and military co-operation, the unity of our world is indispensable for the successful struggle with the cancer of international terrorism. Once again, taking this opportunity, we convey our expressions of condolence and sympathy to the American people who suffered immense tragedy. At this difficult time, in the name of solidarity we stand united with the American nation. People around the world watched the shocking scenes from America realising that what happened to the US could happen anywhere else. Terrorism menace has no limits. These atrocities were targeted not only against the United States but also against the whole humanity. We are convinced that being strong together we shall defend all basic values of our world. Democracies, open, free and plural, shall prevail. * * * The following states participated in the Conference: Republic of Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of Bulgaria Republic of Croatia Czech Republic Republic of Estonia Republic of Hungary Republic of Latvia Republic of Lithuania Republic of Moldova Republic of Poland Romania Republic of Slovakia Republic of Slovenia Ukraine Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia The Conference was also attended by high representatives of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Turkey the United States of America, and European Union (Presidency and Commission), United Nations, Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, as observers. TELE-BRIDGE WARSAW - WASHINGTON D.C During the Warsaw Conference on Combating Terrorism organized in the Presidential Palace the participants of the conference listened via satellite to the address of the President of the United States George W. Bush. President of the Republic of Poland introduced participants of the Warsaw Conference to President Bush and said: We have gathered today in the Presidential Palace to express our determination to participate together in the struggle against international terrorism. We emphasize our support and solidarity with the United States government, the American nation and with you personally, Mr. President. Our communities need to undertake measures to ensure that such barbaric acts of terror will never take place again, neither in the United States, not in any other place in the world. We are highly convinced that being strong together we shall defend all basic values of our world. In order to harmonize our efforts we will identify concrete spheres of cooperation our countries will pursue. Mr. President, we welcome your remarks. The floor is yours President of the United States of America George W. Bush speaking via satellite said: Well, thank you very much, Mr. President. It is a real pleasure to be back in Warsaw, this time by telecast. I had a wonderful visit to the region in June, and I know I`m among friends today. I thank all the nations of Central and Eastern Europe at this conference. You are our partners in the fight against terrorism, and we share an important moment in history. For more than 50 years, the peoples of your region suffered under repressive ideologies that tried to trample human dignity. Today, our freedom is threatened once again. Like the fascists and totalitarians before them, these terrorists -- al Qaeda, the Taliban regime that supports them, and other terror groups across our world -- try to impose their radical views through threats and violence. We see the same intolerance of dissent; the same mad, global ambitions; the same brutal determination to control every life and all of life. We have seen the true nature of these terrorists in the nature of their attacks -- they kill thousands of innocent people and then rejoice about it. They kill fellow Muslims, many of whom died in the World Trade Center that terrible morning -- and then they gloat. They condone murder and claim to be doing so in the name of a peaceful religion. We have also seen the true nature of these terrorists in the nature of the regime they support in Afghanistan -- and it`s terrifying. Women are imprisoned in their homes, and are denied access to basic health care and education. Food sent to help starving people is stolen by their leaders. The religious monuments of other faiths are destroyed. Children are forbidden to fly kites, or sing songs, or build snowmen. A girl of seven is beaten for wearing white shoes. Our enemies have brought only misery and terror to the people of Afghanistan -- and now they are trying to export that terror throughout the world. Al Qaeda operates in more than 60 nations, including some in Central and Eastern Europe. These terrorist groups seek to destabilize entire nations and regions. They are seeking chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Given the means, our enemies would be a threat to every nation and, eventually, to civilization itself. So we`re determined to fight this evil, and fight until we`re rid of it. We will not wait for the authors of mass murder to gain the weapons of mass destruction. We act now, because we must lift this dark threat from our age and save generations to come. The people of my nation are now fighting this war at home. We face a second wave of terrorist attacks in the form of deadly anthrax that has been sent through the U.S. mail. Our people are responding to this new threat with alertness and calm. Our government is responding to treat the sick, provide antibiotics to those who have been exposed and track down the guilty, whether abroad or at home. And we fight abroad with our military, with the help of many nations, because the Taliban regime of Afghanistan refused to turn over the terrorists. And we`re making good progress in a just cause. Our efforts are directed at terrorist and military targets because -- unlike our enemies -- we value human life. We do not target innocent people, and we grieve for the difficult times the Taliban have brought to the people of their own country. Our military is systematically pursuing its mission. We`ve destroyed many terrorist training camps. We have severed communication links. We`re taking out air defenses, and now we`re attacking the Taliban`s front lines. I`ve seen some news reports that many Afghanistan citizens wish the Taliban had never allowed the al Qaeda terrorists into their country. I don`t blame them. And I hope those citizens will help us locate the terrorists -- because the sooner we find them, the better the people`s lives will be. It may take a long time, but no matter how long it takes, those who killed thousands of Americans and citizens from over 80 other nations will be brought to justice, and the misuse of Afghanistan as a training ground for terror will end. As I`ve said from the start, this is a difficult struggle, of uncertain duration. We hunt an enemy that hides in shadows and caves. We are at the beginning of our efforts in Afghanistan. And Afghanistan is the beginning of our efforts in the world. No group or nation should mistake America`s intentions: We will not rest until terrorist groups of global reach have been found, have been stopped, and have been defeated. And this goal will not be achieved until all the world`s nations stop harboring and supporting such terrorists within their borders. The defeat of terror requires an international coalition of unprecedented scope and cooperation. It demands the sincere, sustained actions of many nations against the network of terrorist cells and bases and funding. Later this week, at the United Nations, I will set out my vision of our common responsibilities in the war on terror. I will put every nation on notice that these duties involve more than sympathy or words. No nation can be neutral in this conflict, because no civilized nation can be secure in a world threatened by terror. I thank the many nations of Europe, including our NATO allies, who have offered military help. I also thank the nations who are sharing intelligence and working to cut off terrorist financing. And I thank all of you for the important, practical work you are doing at this conference. The war against terrorism will be won only when we combine our strengths. We have a vast coalition that is uniting the world and increasingly isolating the terrorists -- a coalition that includes many Arab and Muslim countries. I am encouraged by what their leaders are saying. The head of the 22 nation Arab League rejected the claims of the terrorist leader and said he -- Osama bin Laden -- "doesn`t speak in the name of Arabs and Muslims." Increasingly, it is clear that this is not just a matter between the United States and the terror network. As the Egyptian Foreign Minister said, "There is a war between bin Laden and the whole world." All of us here today understand this: We do not fight Islam, we fight against evil. I thank all of our coalition partners, and all of you, for your steadfast support. The last time I was in Warsaw, I talked of our shared vision of a Europe that is whole and free and at peace. I said we are building a House of Freedom, whose doors are open to all of Europe`s people, and whose windows look out to global opportunities beyond. Now that vision has been challenged, but it will not change. With your help, our vision of peace and freedom will be realized. And with your help, we will defend the values we hold in common. Thank you for joining us. And may God bless you all