President: Poland’s presidency will continue to do its best to keep the armed aggression on Ukraine on top of the organization’s agenda. We need to exert political and diplomatic pressure on Russia, counteract its propaganda and help document its crimes.
The Polish, Lithuanian and Latvia presidents and EU Commissioner for Energy have officially opened a new pipeline bringing gas from Lithuania to Poland after Russian gas giant Gazprom turned off the tap.
President Andrzej Duda took part today in the March of the Living on the site of the former German Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz– Birkenau.
“We must not be afraid of Russia’s threats,” Mr. Duda told The Wall Street Journal in his first interview with a Western news organization since he visited Kyiv last month.
President Andrzej Duda and his Spouse took part in the celebrations of the Flag Day of the Republic of Poland and the Day of Poles and Polish Communities Abroad.
The fate of our continent is being decided on the plains of Ukraine. It is there that the unbelievably dramatic struggle is waged for the safe future, freedom, identity and reputation of the entire Europe. The time of talking is over, President Duda wrote.
Russia's invasion of Ukraine and aid to Ukrainian war refugees dominated Wednesday talks in Prague between Polish and Czech presidents Andrzej Duda and Milos Zeman and between president and prime minister Petr Fiala.
President Andrzej Duda and the presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are in Kyiv, where they will meet Ukraine's President Volodimir Zelensky.