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Monday, 25 December 2017

President Duda extends condolences to his Philippine counterpart

The Presidential Palace in Warsaw

In a condolence message to President Rodrigo Duterte, Polish President Andrzej Duda has extended words of sympathy to the injured and families of the victims of a deadly storm that hit the Philippines on Sunday, and of a Saturday shopping mall fire in Davao.


"I was deeply saddened by the news about so many victims of the storm, which hit the Philippines on Sunday, and of the tragic fire at a southern Philippine shopping mall in Davao. On behalf of the Polish people and my own, let me extend words of deepest sympathy to the injured and families of the victims," the Polish President wrote.


According to the Philippine security forces, one of the deadliest storms this year hit the south of the Philippines on Sunday, leaving 240 people dead and 159 missing. The Saturday fire at the Davao shopping mall killed probably 37 people.


"I have been really sad to receive the news about this great tragedy, especially when we are celebrating Christmas. Being united in prayer with the families of the victims, let me assure you of the solidarity of the Polish people with the people of the Philippines," the President wrote, wishing a quick recovery to all the injured.


The Polish head of state also expressed "his recognition for all servicemen, who in such difficult conditions risked their lives and their health to help people." (PAP)

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